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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  September 8, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, i'm don scott. >> and i'm jessica kartalija. a hazmat spill forced workers to evacuate from not one, but two buildings. weijia jiang has more. >> reporter: good afternoon, to everyone. it's still an active scene behind me, the authorities say it's more dangerous and more serious of a situation than they originally thought. they thought a little bit of acid fell, but now, it's 60- gallons. it came from a porcelain company that etches. they use the acid to etch into stone and it leaked out and their top priority was to get the people evacuated. they'll continue to work on the scene. >> reporter: around 10:00 this morning, the crews respond to
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the 2900 block of witting ton avenue in baltimore for an acid spill. while teams survey the area over an hour into the work, they realize it's worse than they thought. we've found a 55-gallon drum of this acid, it's a highly toxic acid and it's now empty. we found trails of it throughout the building and in some of the spaces as well and it's seeped into some of the carpet areas. >> what's your biggest concern right now with the acid? >> well, the biggest concern we'll take is newt losing thes a -- neutralizing -- this acid. >> reporter: and the authorities say it's so dangerous, it can cause respiratory arrest and burns off limbs.
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we'll update you with the latest. weijia jiang, eyewitness news. >> thank you, and among the businesses evacuated, a small recording studio and a warehouse. we'll have more on this tonight. police charged a man for murder and arson for killing his ex-wife around set -- and setting her apartment on fire. good afternoon, mike. >> reporter: good afternoon, jessica. he's in critical and stable condition. i've been going through the court records. he had a protective order against the woman he's accused of killing for domestic violence. it was valid through april of last year. and two other women explained and the -- complained. >> reporter: firefighters
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rushed to a burning apartment in howard county where they found the 35-year-old dead. they have now charged her ex- husband, a 34-year-old with killing her and setting that apartment on fire. all along, they believed that the death was suspicious. >> it doesn't appear that the man is suffering from burn wound and it doesn't appear that the cause of the death of the woman was burning either. that all has to be confirmed. >> reporter: the police say he stabbed her and he was staying with her and her four children. the investigators found a knife on the scene which could be the murder weapon. >> we were just proud mothers, just engaging in casual conversation. i hadn't seen her all summer. we talked about the summer. she was a loving, sweet lady. >> reporter: damage spread beyond the unit and the red
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cross is helping the families. >> i hope that the family -- well, whatever's happened, they're able to solve it. >> reporter: it appears that the police believe they've taken the women's children into the custody of family members. reporting live, i'm mike hellgren, wjz-13 eyewitness news. he'll be taken into the police custody when he's cleared from release. >> congress will get involved into the controversy over how the baltimore city handles rape complaints or has in the past. >> reporter: the senate will examine why so many cases in baltimore city are marked unfounded. members of the city's office of violence against women will investigate.
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baltimore lead the nation in the cases of rapes unfounded. it's unclear whether other city officials will be there. don, back to you. >> thank you, ron, that's scheduled for tuesday. a bombing attack in after the after claim -- in afghanistan claims the life of a maryland man. there, he was killed sunday and he was in afghanistan. he served three tours of duty and he was a graduate of carver high school. we have a cool down in store. it's a warm, humid afternoon. not that bad looking, either. we're live with the first warning weather coverage and marty bass is out back and bernadette woods is in the weather center. good afternoon, don and everyone. yes, there's a cold front making its way through the state. we'll show you the doppler radar, we don't have a lot of
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cold weather. this is the front and it's not producing anything for us. this is what we have going on from the front. winds from the west and they're starting to pick up. they're sustained in the 15 to 25 miles per hour range. they're gusting more than that. and now, the thing is, that's bringing in drier air and we have that and marty will talk more about this graphic that i accidentally jumped to. >> that's okay, that's a big part of the conversation whether it's today's forecast or the extended out look. i'll do the official five day later on. look at this, clear skies. since august 25th, we've had no rain. a couple of showers this day between baltimore and elkton. otherwise, we're bone dry and taking a look at the graphic now.
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yesterday, we had a red flag advisory for the upper eastern shore and jersey. look at the red flag advisory now through western maryland with the acception being essentially down the 50 corridor. on the special weather statement, it says we're going to change your status over the next 24 hours. there is no rain in the five- day forecast. hermine isn't able to get out of the west and the plain states, if you will and bring the moisture east to attach along, well, this cold front. as far as rain goes, all though the weather will be beautiful, we'll be out of luck for the next five days. be careful, one flick of a cigarette and we could have brush fires. and if we have enough brush fires, we're in the same situation colorado is in now.
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while we've had fine weather, we're on thin ice, if you will. bernadette woods, we'll talk about how nice it's going to be and we'll have the five-day forecast and now, we'll throw it back inside. the raven's newest edition hits the field for the first time. he thinks he'll fit in. >> do i want the ball? of course. i'm sure they feel the same way. if you win games, it doesn't matter who gets the glory and who's getting the ball. at the end of the day, everyone benefits when you win, period. >> he joins boldin and mason to provide a host of targets for flacco. he spent most of his career with the bangles. the ravens kick off in less than a week. it starts next monday night. the special coverage starts at 6:30.
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we are pumped. and football talk after wards. >> still to come at noon, tax cuts, there the president announces plans to get more americans back to work. and taking another live look outside. the forecast is still coming up. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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the president is in cleveland, he's expected to announce new tax cuts. the president will also ask for tax breaks from families making less than $250,000 a year. republican leaders are proposing a plan on a freeze for all taxes and a cut on government spendings back to the levels of 2008. bp released the results of an investigation into the gulf oil spill. the company admitted to some mistakes and the report was also critical of the rig's owner, transowner and hall burr tan.
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several divisions of the government are going to release their own report. ahead at noon, standing up to cancer. katie couric will join us live with more on friday's big event. and here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers and today's midday stocks. [ male announcer ] ,,,,, the new subway flatbread breakfast sandwiches!
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welcome back, everybody. the sun is out once again and that's despite a cold front in the process of making its way through the state. we're seeing the winds picking up behind it. the winds are sustained between 15 and 20 miles per hour. the gusts will be approaching 25 to 30 miles per hour throughout the afternoon. they'll pick up further east you go. and with the dry conditions and the high winds, red flag warning in effect throughout the evening and across most of the state. a very high threat of fire danger here. it's just been so dry, it's been beautiful, but dry and combining that with the high winds, we have to pay attention to that. temperaturewise, it's warm. here's the colder air that will move our way. 79 in cumberland and 66 degrees in oakland. the front gets through and it's
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tapping into much cooler air behind it. tomorrow, being closer to 90, today, we're in the 70s and here's the front doing that. it tried to make the connection with hermine. we'll get in on the dry air. the winds will come in from the west and keep it breezy out there. then, towards the weekend, the next storm system will pick up the moisture from hermine and move our way. and now, the forecast comes together like this, today, windy and warm, getting closer to 90 degrees and tonight, we'll cool it down, tonight, into the 50s and breezy and cooler. 76 degrees for the high and sunshine and clouds building up and a refreshing day. the cool air stays in place throughout friday and then, another for the weekend. every 60 seconds, someone dies from cancer and katie couric is live with more on how
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we can all help in the effort to stand up to cancer and take part in the special event airing friday, at 8:00. welcome to our noon news. >> thank you, don, nice to be here. >> this is the third time, but it's amazing to me that the three major networks and the whole load of cable networks and channels are doing this together. >> well, you know, i think that the key word for this effort is collaboration. that's why you see everyone putting aside their differences and their competitive drive, if you will and they're joining forces so we can make great strides in treating and hopefully curing this disease called cancer. which, as you know, one in two men will be diagnosed in their lifetimes and one in three women will be diagnosed. it takes 1.4 million americans every single year.
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all networks will be sustainsly broadcasting this big event that will tape in lang -- will take place in los angeles. it's really about us having one common goal. so, i'm excited about this. last time in 2008, we raised $100 million we hope to raise more. no donation is too small and so many people's lives are affected by this disease. it's hard to find someone who hasn't. hopefully, we'll all raise money to support the scientists tirelessly working 24/7. >> and you lost your husband to cancer. >> that's right, in 1998, my husband passed away after a
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nine month, courageous, and really extraordinary fight against colon cancer and of course, it shaped my life in a terrible way and left my 2 and 6-year-olds without a dad and me without a husband and his six siblings without a big brother. and you know, my sister, emily died four years later of pancreatic cancer. it's effected me personally and i feel passionately about helping other families and preventing them from the heart break that mine has had. >> well, thank you for sharing and for stepping up. we'll all be watching friday. don't miss, stand up to cancer. a star studded lineup, it's friday at 8:00. also, this friday, mary bubala introduces us to a man saved by the stand up to cancer dream
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team. he has a new lease on life now and that's friday only here on wjz-13. and wjz-13 eyewitness news will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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be sure to check in today at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. safety first, which booster seats get top marks. and join us for these stories and more today at 4:00 ,,,,,,,,,,phil.
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we'll look at what's going to be a great run of weather. there's a negative, we're not going to get more than a slight chance of a shower sunday. look at that, thursday and friday in the mid-to mid-upper 70s and low 80s saturday, into monday. if you like last weekend, don't
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let this get by you. back inside now. >> thank you, and it's another csi night. and then, at 10:00, it's csi. new york and followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. thank you for watching eyewitness news on wjz-13 maryland's news station. i'm jessica kartalija. >> i'm don scott. >> >> i'm bernadette woodod,,,,,,,,
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